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At Faithflows Inc, we’re dedicated to ending poverty and creating positive change in the world. Through hands-on training and innovative technology, we’re equipping the next generation of leaders in underserved communities with the skills and empathy they need to make a difference.

With our wide-range of expertly crafted educational courses, workshops, and  23 successfully executed care drives in seven countries in Africa, which have impacted thousands of people, we’re making real progress towards our goal. And with our upcoming orphan care app, we’ll be able to bring transparency and accountability to donations, ensuring that every dollar makes a difference.

Join us in creating a better future for all.

2023 Extreme Poverty Stats

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People Living In Extreme Poverty Globally
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Young People 0-19 Years Globally
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Young People 0-19 Years in Africa

Faithflows programs are designed to empower the youth towards an innovative future free of poverty.

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The youth program educates, empowers and equips the youth with needed skills, grit, and empathy towards an innovative future that lift their communities out of poverty. 
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Orphanages around the world are in distress beyond the usual especially in developing nations due to the pandemic. Many orphans are malnourished and some dying from curable illness such as malaria. 
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Educating a girl child empowers a nation. Young girls suffer abuse, poverty and other limitations in developing nations.  The Girl Child Empowerment Program focuses on addressing these challenges as well as promoting confidence towards the realization of their future dreams.
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The rise of Social Media and high proliferation of smartphones correlates with the steady decline of the youth. Faithflows is making a difference with our dedicated positive and uplifting platform, content, and support groups.

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Faithflows Program Goals

Ending poverty requires a collective effort. With over 1.4 billion people living in multi-dimensional poverty, the need for food, healthcare, and education is dire. We align our programs with Seven Goals of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a global plan for peace and prosperity, to bring about meaningful change in communities.

No Poverty

Our approach to ending poverty is multi-faceted, utilizing technology to engage and empower youth to innovate and make a difference in their communities.

Zero Hunger

To address hunger and food insecurity, we provide assistance to the most vulnerable in communities and educate on agribusiness and other resources.

Good Health & Wellbeing

In addition to medical supplies and mental health resources, we integrate faith-based tools to promote overall health and wellbeing.

Quality Education

We believe in the power of education, and provide free educational resources, mini-scholarships, workshops, podcasts, and more to empower young people.

Gender Equality

By working on girl child empowerment, which works to remove barriers to education, such as period poverty, for girls, Faithflows is contributing to the efforts to achieve Goal 5 and promoting gender equality.

Affordable and Clean Energy

This goal aims to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all, which aligns with your Faithflows efforts to provide solar energy to these communities

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Faithflows programs and efforts to provide solar energy to community centers can contribute to local economic growth and create job opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

Featured Program


 Launched during the 2020 pandemic, The Faithflows Community Care drive supports the most vulnerable members of society by providing them with necessities, love, joy, and hope.


Meals Provided

Clothing Toys and more

Youth Volunteers in 7 Countries

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Faithflows Inc is a Christian 501(c)(3) non-profit organization passionate about improving the well-being of young people in underserved communities in Africa and beyond. Our motivation is to see every young person benefit from Faithflows towards a sustainable and innovative future by empowering them with new ideas, skills, and connecting them with the opportunities. 

Yes, all financial donations made to Faithflows are tax-deductible. Donors receive a receipt after making a donation for tax-purposes. 

EIN: 85-1082823

Faithflows is headquartered in the United States where Executives and Board Members work virtually with Local Staff and Volunteers in various Africa nations to facilitate field operations and offer support and counseling to members in the region. Currently, Faithflows has active chapters in Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya with more to be announced soon.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Faithflows volunteer. Visit https://faithflows.org/volunteers to see and apply for available openings.  Volunteers for the Care Drive humanitarian missions are members of Faithflows local chapters. 



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