21 Days of Giveaways

Grand Prize-

Thank you for your participation.

Daily contest Ended on 07/27/2020 , Final draw for $500 is on 08/01/2020
Grand Prize Tokens were issued for each entry made in the 21 days draw.

@Kendy Schela Kapya (Member since July, 2020)

Day 1
@Isaac – Bangura Abdul (Member since January 2020)
@Ade – Aderinwaleiyi Karim (Member since March 2020)

@Klara – Clara Bassey (Member since March 2020)

Day 2
@Kaversa Sando Kawah (Member since January 2020)

Day 3
@Ngoni Blessed Maboyane
(Member since March, 2020)

Day 4
@Happiton Anthony Chinedu (Member since May, 2020)

Day 5
@Fquasie Francis Quasie (Member since July, 2020)

Day 6
@Dennisjr Samuel Dennis Jr (Member since July, 2020)

Day 7
@Leedeejayy  Lydia James (Member since July, 2020)

Day 8
@nkpearl Nnanke Ofem (Member since July, 2020)

Day 9
@Klara – Clara Bassey (Member since March 2020)
@Pinkyrue – Rumbidzai Chemhere (Member since July 2020)

Day 10
@Marvelona Marvelous Egwu (Member since July, 2020)

Day 11
@Stunner Omojewe Ogagaoghene (Member since April, 2020)

Day 12

@Alphavee Amara Alpha Vandi (Member since January, 2020)

Day 13

@savilo Saviour Uchi (Member since July 2020)

Day 14
@Kingloodah David Haastrup (Member since March, 2020)

Day 15

@Jugbeh Veronica Capehart (Member since January, 2020)

Day 16

@Bruce  Henry Ingunza (Member since July, 2020)

Day 17

@Kendy Schela Kapya (Member since July, 2020)

Day 18
Adebayo Babatunde (Member since July, 2020)

Day 19

@Moruti35 Kelvin Mantey Ernest @ (Member since March, 2020)

Day 20 Winners of $20 Prize!

@Okasbaby Okama Ikona (Member since July, 2020)

@Haydar Aliyu Haruna (Member since July, 2020)


Your participation in the daily draws automatically awards tickets towards the grand prize on August 1st, 2020.

Refer a friend and get additional entries when they sign up!

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The more tickets you have, the the higher your chances of taking home the $500

About Your Star Rewards

Faithflows awards stars and gems to encourage users to connect, share, learn and teach on the platform. Social activities are rewarded with star points and learning activities are rewarded with gems.

How to Earn Stars

You earn stars by visiting the site and sharing activities and comments. Some awards have daily limits.

Stars for Site Access

  • 10 stars are awarded for signing up/registration
  • A star is awarded each time your visit the site
  • 3 additional stars are awarded when you visit 3 consecutive days

Stars for Profile Update

Connections are better formed when a user knows a little about you

  • 5 stars for updating your profile
  • 2 stars for changing your profile photos
  • 3 stars for changing your cover image

Stars for Sharing / Posting

  • 1 Star for liking a post (3 per day)
  • 1 star for getting your post liked (10 per day)
  •  2 stars for writing an activity stream
  • 1 star for replying to an activity stream
  • 2 stars for commenting on a blog post

Stars for Connecting

  • 2 stars awarded for joining a group
  • 1 star for sending a friend request (max of 3 star a day)
  • 1 star for an accepted friend request
  • 2 stars for sending or replying to a private message
  • 10 star rewarded for starting a group and inviting members



Note a star is deducted if your post is marked as spam or the like reversal

Terms & Conditions

All prizes are delivered in the form of a visa debit card or other reputable cash transfer methods. Only one account per user. Member information must match recipient information.

  • Within the 21 days a participant can only win once. However, multiple entries will be accepted for the grand prize of $500
  • Repeat entries increases your chances of winning
  • Participants expense 10 stars point per entry
  • Participants obtain 20 stars when they register on the faithflows platform, so every member can participate. Earn more star rewards when you engage on the faithflows.org platform.
  • No Faithflows employee or relative can enter
  • Be sure to check the Faithflows.org platform daily to enter
  • The more you engage on the platform, the higher your chances of winning the grand prize.

Be sure to check your emails frequently for any update of your entry and announcement of the grand winner.It could be you, be on the lookout and engage daily as many exciting ways to use your star rewards will be made available frequently.

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Giveaway is still ongoing,  Win $20 Daily & $500 Grand Prize

Enter daily with star rewards earned from site activities. 07/07/2020 to 02/27/2020