About Us

Breathe, Feel, Live, Love, Learn, Share, Grow in Faith! Experience Faithflows.org, a Christian Social Network focused on improving your total wellbeing and that of others around you.

About Us

Faithflows.org is a Christian social network launched on January 1st 2020 with a focus on the total wellbeing of individuals and communities across the globe.  The platform gets its roots from the 2002 founded community platform, mychristianpals.org, and faithflows.com digital streaming company founded in 2007. It is a managed by Faithflows Inc, a  non-profit Christian organization passionate about sharing the love of God through our deeds to make a difference.  To that end, the company’s services and activities are geared towards improving the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, career, community and social wellbeing of all people.   

From the Faithflows.org Christian social media and e-learning platform, to our multimedia faith publications distributed to millions around the world, to our Inspirational Radio, and our humanitarian drives organized by chapter youth across Africa,  Faithflows Inc. seeks to uplift the total wellbeing of humanity, starting with the youth in Africa and beyond.  

Faithflows Inc. is a nonprofit guided by our core believe that sharing Christ is showing Love! We rely on the generous donations of individuals and businesses. Donate today. 

With our safe and positive faithflows.org social media, the organization counteracts the current negative effects of modern social media and stand against any form of treatment that brings on unhealthy challenges such as abuse, isolation, unemployment, which is why we strive to make our online social media positive, safe and free of bullying, peer pressure with uplifting faith-building and skill-building content while constantly mobilizing the youth to volunteer for humanitarian outreach activities. 

To facilitate our humanitarian work, Faithflows missions has chapters in several African countries.  Our long term goal is to build physical mission centers in various African countries,  that offer in-person skill training, counseling services, shelter, food and other support in overpopulated underserved urban areas in Africa where the mental health issues are on the rise. 

As a Christian organization, our core belief is the best way to share Christ with the world is to love our neighbors regardless of race, creed, beliefs or nationality.

 Our Mission

To Share the Love of God through our deeds and improve the wellbeing of Christians and impoverished communities around the world spiritually, economically, socially and much more.

Our Vision

A world with empowered Christians living fulfilling lives in Christ and making a positive impact in their respective communities.


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