About Us

Faithflows.org is a global nonprofit Christian community connecting, sharing, praying, learning, and making an impact in our communities and much more. We are guided by our core believe which is "sharing Christ is showing Love".

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Connect, Share & Collaborate with like-minded Christian professionals for social activities and to work on projects together with a christian foundation.

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Learn from Christian Instructors & Organizations worldwide. Find Courses to advance your careers or simply to improve your knowledge and skills.
Teach a skill using our award winning platform to lift people help people thrive in the current digital age .

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Sharing Christ is showing love. Join faithflows events and groups around the world to make a difference in our African communities and beyond.

About Us

Faithflows.org is a global Christian community connecting, sharing, praying, learning, and making an impact in our communities and much more. The community is a nonprofit one guided by our core believe that sharing Christ is showing Love!

Our Story

In 2002, mychristianpals.org a social networking platform was born to connect Christians around the world to share our common love for Christ. In 2007, Faithflows.com a faith tech company was born to help churches innovate in a digital era with streaming media and community driven web applications.

On January 1st 2020, Faithflows.org a social networking and e-learning Christian platform was born from a merger of both companies with a mandate to empower Christians and Christian organization in a fast changing digital era. 

With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, we evolved into a united global Christian community that we serve with:

  1. A safe and positive Christian community platform for members to connect, share,  learn, teach, collaborate and more
  2. Original uplifting scriptural-based faith content distributed via company outlets including: faithflows.org platform, digital radio station/podcasts and various social media platfroms.
  3. Organized community events and activities to make a difference in the lives of community members and under-served communities around the world
  4. A cutting edge e-learning platform for christian professionals and organizations including churches to engage, educate and empower Christians locally and globally efficiently.

All faithflows actions and innovations are driven by our core believe that “sharing Christ is showing love”. We look forward to grow accordingly.

Why Faithflows?

In an age where Christianity is on a  steep decline, especially among millennials, we provide a safe place for Christians to connect, share, and grow in a pressure free neighborly socio-digital environment, while offering an e-learning environment to equip Christians with skills that impact their careers and lives. We break through religious barriers that deter many from Christendom and share the Love of Christ through our deeds.


Our Mission

To share the Love of God through our deeds in a digital era using cutting edge technology and “optimized” community activities that improve the lives of Christians and communities under-served around the world spiritually, economically, socially and much more.

Our Vision

A world with empowered Christians living fulfilling lives and making a positive difference in their respective communities.


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