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Teach individuals or a church/organizational group with our award winning teaching platform. Our social learning features create an engaging environment for Christians to learn, enhance their lives, and hone skills at their own pace.

Teach a Class in 3 Easy Steps...

Step 1: Register

Visit our registration page and complete the sign up form. Select Pastor or Instructor as preferred membership type.

Already a member? Change your profile type on your profile page to Instructor.

Step 2: Create Course Materials

Review our teaching 101 course to learn how to publish a course using our dedicated tools. Courses can have written text or video lessons, quizzes, assignment and attached downloadable materials and more.

Step 3: Publish A Course

Access the dedicated teaching suite to publish a course with our user-friendly lesson creation interface. A course must have an objective a brief description as well as Lessons and or Lesson topics. Optional assignments and quizzes can be added.

Group eTraining

With our new group learning tools, you can create private courses for various groups in your organization:

  • Cut Cost associated with physical meetings
  • Engage more members
  • 24/7 availability of teaching materials



Leverage our innovative teaching platform to create a dynamic and inclusive learning culture focused on your organizational goals. Captivate local & global audiences.

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Why Teach with Us...

We appreciate our instructors and provide a great environment to encourage a more personal approach. Get the chance to pass on your passion and knowledge, and you could inspire a new generation of Christians

We believe God is in every subject and a Christian professor, re also able to implement Christian values into other subjects as well. This teaches students how to expand their beliefs, live a godly life and live a Christian lifestyle in all areas of life and not just in church or school.

Whether you do this on a part-time basis or switching career, enjoy a healthy work-life balance. Get flexible working hours and earn extra money when you sell premium courses on subscription bases or for a one-time fee. Share your passion with a group of believers in a supportive environment

We work in partnership with a team of highly skilled and experienced instructors, and you could be one of them. Our learners want to learn from the best, so if you have a skill, specialist knowledge, are a teacher, or simply want to learn more then get in contact with us today. You’ll get experience developing courses, working with students, and filming tutorials. We make teaching fun, modern, and innovative, so join the team today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Teachers should be subject matter experts in their fields with some level of formal training

No, you do not pay to teach a class. If you offer free classes to your groups or cohorts there will be absolutely no fees.  We do charge a commission for classes sold on our website.

Yes, you can teach so far as your subject area fits into our platform

Click here to learn more and register to teach a class

Course materials could be in video and text.

No, English is the only medium for  teaching at the moment

You get to reach a wider section of the christian community with your message and knowledge

Need more help?

Contact our team of highly trained Christian staff to get you started.
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