Day of the African Child is celebrated on June 16th, every year to raise awareness about the need to improve education for the African child. In recent times, the impact of the pandemic on children has been catastrophic, a situation that paints the picture of an estranged child and the need to unite to make a good education a reality.

Even worse, the African child has been subjection to a horrifying moment with vices such as violence, female genital mutilation, early marriages, child labor, exposure to child prostitution, and drugs taking the central point. Despite the strides made to advocate for quality education for all, many children in Africa are trapped in a downward spiral of deepening poverty and so is the need to join hands with well-wishers to avert the looming crisis from escalating further.

Faithflows Volunteers joined young pupils in Calabar High School, Nigeria, to educate and advocate for the total well-being of the African child. Based on in-country research Faithflows conducts, education programs are becoming an important tool in the lives of children hence the need to be designed to be skilled relevant to shape their destiny.

This gives them a visual reminder that they have the power to learn and be successful in their lives. Children are yearning for hope stories, sharing of life-changing messages, and practical examples. For over two years, Faithflows has embarked on giving hope to children as part of the many programs to envision their wings picking again. 

Our volunteers are diverse across age, background, and types of thinkers and these qualities continue to promote creativity and team effectiveness in their base. Moreover, this approach is helping young people to build unified communities, and diverse teams that function well, grow together and multiply opinion shapers for lasting, sustainable solutions.Faithflows is committed to making children Breathe, Feel, Love, Learn, and Grow in faith, by improving their well-being and communities across the globe.



By Published On: June 23rd, 2022Categories: Faithflows Mission, Nigeria



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