5 Jobs in High Demand During Lockdown

The Coronavirus health crisis is shifting norms and upending almost every industry worldwide with companies having to restructure employment track and operations. Even church gatherings have moved to the internet.
This wave on the other hand also presents an opportunity for some sectors as the pandemic fuels high demand in products and services.

If you find yourself in the job loss bracket as a result of the crisis or looking for an opportunity to make a side income, I present to you 5 top jobs in high demand during this lockdown :

1. Agriculture

Agriculture is the backbone of every economy and still stands strong in the face of the health crises as demands for agriculture supplies for homes, frontline workers and the vulnerable keeps surging. For most countries, farmers, farmhands, processors to shippers are being sought after to augment the Agriculture value chain to ensure regular supply of farm produce as most people stay at home per government’s directive.

2. Health workers

As public life cower under the shackles of the pendamic, the role of health workers hasvbecome eminent now more than ever. They lead the list of ‘essential workers’ helping to contain the virus and their contributions so far cannot be underestimated. From health experts researchers, virologists, doctors to nurses, nations are recruiting more hands to take care of patients as more cases are largely being recorded.

3. Delivery

Locked down and its associated social distancing measures enforcement means restricts movement. Delivery service has become a necessary option for people wanting to shop for groceries, medications etc. Most shops are either closed or has initiated only delivery based sales to limit human contacts. So if you are a good rider with a license, you may try your luck with a delivery job. While at it, observe all precautionary measures to protect your life and that of others.

4. PPE Manufacturers

With the Increased demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), governments, philanthropists and individuals are in dire need of PPE manufacturers and are engaging their services to locally produce PPEs in large quantities for use as international donors and government release funds for it. PPEs are the most essential items to reduce spread so if you have some skills in fashion designing check online for jobs. Who knows? you may be lucky!

5. Technology

AI technology and tracking Apps are being proffered as having the potential to aide in the Coronavirus Fight. This development has seen a rise in the tech job space as nations and institutions scramble for the best minds in the field to design solutions to curb the virus.

Also for the church, IT personnel and social media experts are in high demand for engaging broadcasting church service on social media with little technical

By Pamela Boateng
Senior Content Editor

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  1. May God help us through this period. Please I’m in need of a job in case of any vacancy in the following aspect. My location is Nigeria, Abuja.

  2. Greetings! These courses are awesome. Does this mean that Faithflows is going to create a learning platform for these studying all these courses?

  3. Agriculture – has been my family ultimate source of livelihood, at both subsistence and commercial levels. I encourage Everyone who has access to land and little capital to venture into farming it is really helping

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