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Faithflows Podcasts
Building Wealth: Mini-Importation & E-commerce

One of the best ways to create wealth is by having multiple streams of income. The Mini-importation business is a buzzing industry in Africa to circumvent the high unemployment and generate primary and secondary sources of income. On this episode, our guest speaker, Bisi Akintayo, gives insights on how to start, market and navigate challenges

Faithflows Podcasts
Building Wealth: Trading in Cryptocurrency – Faithflows Impact Africa

The adoption of cryptocurrency can set Africans, especially young people, on the path of financial independence. However, this requires understanding the concept around cryptocurrency, the strategies involved, risks, benefits and much more. On this episode of Faithflows Impact Africa Podcast, the Bitcoin Chief, Gaius Chibueze Ekuri shares great insight on how to build wealth in

Faithflows Podcasts
Disrupt yourself or be Disrupted-Faithflows Impact Africa

Disrupt yourself or be Disrupted! Are you ready to reinvent yourself? Join our guest, International Speaker, Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Tech Influencer  and life coach, Nicky Verd for the Faithflows Inc. Impact Africa Podcast as she takes listeners on how to reinvent oneself and discover new opportunities in the digital era.

Faithflows Podcasts
Building a Start-up in Africa’s Volatile Environment- Faithflows Impact Africa

With many startups saturating the African market, there are seeming fears over how far these businesses will go. In our 12th episode of Impact Africa Podcast, Blessing Abeng, Co-Director of Startup Grind, & Director of communications at Ingressive For Good, speaks on how to build and grow a successful startup in Africa’s volatile Environment.  

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