Embracing Church Online

For a month now, Christians worldwide meet each Sunday and mid-week to worship, fellowship and commune with God. 
For most Christians, Sundays is when they meet friends, offer encouragement and help each other in spiritual growth. 

But the emergence of new social guidelines and mandates in a bid to contain Coronavirus (COVID-19) means no church, no mid-week services and no fellowshipping.
Social distancing has been globally accepted  as one of the most effective precautions to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and as a result, governments have collectively instituted a ban on social gatherings including church activities dealing a heavy blow to Christians. 

But all hope is not lost as there are a slew of digital or online church platforms to fill the void and provide a medium to engage in genuine worship. 
Below are ways Christians can embrace and make good use of online/digital churches in this era to draw more closer to God. 

Sign up to a digital church or your church’ platform if it’s available and schedule worship broadcasting times including mid-week service on a calendar to encourage you to adhere to the stipulated schedules and to also serve as a reminder.

 Inform your family about this new church arrangement, explaining to them the essence of online church and its place in Christianity in an era where physical meetings are prohibited. Do not force it on them as you may have already observed that some people have reservations about online churches. For some, it defies God’s command in Hebrews 10 verse 25. Others deem participating in digital or online church as spiritual laziness because they argue it isn’t backed by commitment. So you need to take some time to explain to them why it’s not about the medium of worship anymore but rather an opportunity to stay connected with your God in difficult times. 

Preparing for Worship

When it’s time for worship, to put you in the mood for service, wake up at your usual church time, dress up and get ready for it as you would for your regular (Physical) church service. Don’t forget to get the kids and other family members involved. Get to the meeting area early to ensure the Internet and all other resources are ready.

Join the service cwith a Bible (mobile bible), singing book, notepad and all things needed to make the most out of it.

Remember, no lateness in joining your online church service. 

During Worship

Engage fully in all activities during the service by following through with Bible reading, lifting of hands during worship, singing along and dancing to engage in an interactive spiritual experience. 

Avoid all kinds of distractions by switching all digital devices not in use off and if you have Bibles, hymns and other religious materials on your digital devices, close all other apps or alternatively put them on Airplane mode and access Bible and other religious materials Offline to ensure concentration. 
Use full screen mode to get immersed in service and to also avoid diversion. 

Giving to Keep the Church Going

One more thing, donations play an essential role in church administration and this period is the time the church needs your donation most church workers and pastors still have to be paid.
Additionally, technology and data to enable live streaming doesn’t come for free. Quite apart from that, the church is saddled with the responsibility of making food/monetary donations to families or individuals who may need help during this tough season. These are enough reasons to make donations through all channels made available by the church to support the work of God. 

We all agree the Church should be a place that offers genuine relationships and interactive spiritual growth, community service, team mission and although an online/digital church may not offer exact experience, however, let’s be grateful that it is providing us an opportunity to connect with our God in the period social distancing. 

By Faithflows

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