Faithflows 21 Days of Giveaways Ended Successfully

We thank God for His divine assignment to touch lives in these times and a successful 21 Days Giveaway!

When we set out on this journey (21 Days of Giveaways) our mission was to reward active members on our platform and appreciate their efforts. Little did we know God was directing us to meet people at the points of their needs who shared many exciting testimonies.

We awarded 33 Cash prizes ranging from $20 to $50 and a grand prize of $500.

Most winners who showed appreciation on receiving cash prizes from the Faithflows team shared varying testimonies on how the cash came in handy to fulfill individual needs.

We are exceptionally grateful that God positioned us for His cause and even more thankful for the lives touched.

Participants were from all over Africa including Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

Congratulations to all winners! Our hope is that this goes a long way to support God’s work.

By Faithflows


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