Faithflows Announces Successful COVID-19 Relief Mission and Outreach Program in Africa

Lewes, DE 09/09/2020: Today, Faithflows Inc, a Christian non-profit organization based in the United States, announced the successful completion of their much anticipated COVID-19 relief outreach mission in Africa.  The mission, termed the PPE Drive, happened during the last weekend of August in five cities in Nigeria and Ghana.

Faithflows community members in  Abuja, Lagos, Cross River,  Nigeria and Accra, Ghana presented Personal Protection Equipments (PPEs), provisions and cash donations to seven care facilities including:

  • Three Hospitals
    • 37 Military Hospital in Accra, Ghana
    • Ijanikin Health Care Center in Lagos, Nigeria
    • Primary Health Care Facility in the Cross River, Nigeria
  • A Refugee Camp in Abuja, Nigeria
  • A Center for the Aged in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Two Orphanages
    • Infact Jesus Orphanage in Calabar, Nigeria
    • Rev Azumah Orphanage caring for children with HIV in Accra, Ghana

The recipients of aforementioned donations expressed much gratitude to Faithflows and its donors after sharing how the Coronavirus outbreak had greatly impacted their operations.

When asked about the success of the outreach mission, the Founder and CEO of stated: “I thank God for the opportunity to share the love of Christ in action. The underprivileged have borne the brunt of this pandemic and I give glory to God for Christians who united on the platform to make this happen. ”  She went on further to say, “With this success, the organization is energized to engage in fundraising activities to serve more communities in Africa. We have a great offering and we are adapting to all the changes in the world in order to serve Christendom and mankind at large.”

Faithflows aims to conduct these outreach missions regularly throughout the African continent.

About Faithflows
Founded on January 1st 2020, is a platform that connects a global community of Christians and facilitates fellowshipping, praying, learning and teaching of new skills, and organizing impactful humanitarian missions.  Additionally, the organization is a publisher of multimedia faith content distributed to millions of Christians via social media.  The principal belief of faithflows is that the best way to share Christ is to show love. 

Join in at Sharing Love is Sharing Christ.

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+1 (855) 777-2080


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  1. Indeed the experience of 29th of August 2020 will forever remain in our hearts. It was a great show of love. God bless all those who made the Faithflows PPE FaithDrive a success.

  2. I thank God for everyone who contributed to the August act of love program. May God continue to sustain and open doors for more outreaches in Africa and the world.

  3. God made this remarkable experience possible. Indeed, it can only be YAHWEH.

    To Faithflows community, God bless you all real good for the show of love to Africa!!😘

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