A Christian Social Learning Platform Launched

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Coastal Hwy, Lewes (January 1st, 2020)-The Faithflows team is exceptionally excited to announce the launch of  an innovative social learning and networking platform for christian professionals, organizations and churches.

It has 4 fundamentally unique learning functions: 

  1. Learn from a variety of experienced Christian instructors and organizations worldwide
  2. Easy access to learning materials anywhere at anytime on mobile devices
  3. Learning at desired pace to improve completion rate
  4. Social learning with a global community of avid like-minded Christians.

Our social networking features create a worry free, uplifting, and encouraging networking environment to enhance the lives of all Christians.

“At FaithFlows, we strongly believe in leveraging on technology and innovation in improving the lives of Christians and anyone who is poised to enhance their lives through christian doctrines,” says Irene Nyarko, the founder of Faithflows.

” We believe that no one should miss out on church activities and educational opportunities because they can’t be present and with the launch of our platform, we envision an inclusive christian community with the power to transform lives and empower the next generation of christian leaders, ” she further said. isn’t a new entrant in the world of technology. The company was first launched in 2007 and already has a foothold in the market which would be jumped on to strengthen the platform and offer its users a savvy and affordable way to stay in tune with their christian lives and develop potentials to thrive as a modern day christian.

Faithflows is compatible with all mobile devices and will soon be available for app download via Google play store and ios.

Learn  .Collaborate. Share


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