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What is Faithflows about?

Faithflows Inc is a Christian 501(c)(3) non-profit organization passionate about improving the well-being of young people in underserved communities in Africa and beyond. Our motivation is to see every young person benefit from Faithflows towards a sustainable and innovative future by empowering them with new ideas, skills, and connecting them with the opportunities. Join the

Does Faithflows pay volunteers?

Volunteer positions do not attract any remunerations. Though unpaid, volunteers can look forward to these amazing benefits, A friendly and awesome work environment, a great team in a start-up environment where opinion and initiatives are treasured. They also get to learn a lot for their academic and professional life. Interact with thousands of Christians in

Is Faithflows Inc. Registered?

Yes, Faithflows Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the United States. Find us on and other reputable verifiable directories.

Where does Faithflows operate?

Faithflows is headquartered in the United States where Executives and Board Members work virtually with Local Staff and Volunteers in various Africa nations to facilitate field operations and offer support and counseling to members in the region. Currently, Faithflows has active chapters in Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya with more to be announced

How can I start a Faithflows chapter In my country?

Active Faithflows members are invited to submit their regions to be considered for the establishment of a Faithflows Chapter. Contact us today at with the details of the need in your area and how a Faithflows Chapter can help resolve that and a member of Faithflows will be in touch with more information about

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