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Caring for the Most Vulnerable

The Faithflows Care Drive is an Outreach Program which is a hands on expression of love by young people to help the most vulnerable populations, such as young orphans in desperate need of food and basic necessities. The benefit of this program is 2-fold, it impacts the direct beneficiaries of the donations but also acts as training tool for our young members to be good citizens of their communities in the future. The program’s main aim is to restore hope and make other people’s lives better and brighter. This increases young people’s global awareness and an approach to their daily lives. The more they are aware of the struggles other people are facing, their daily stresses will be put in a new perspective and more grateful as well as give them a more positive outlook. We give young people a sense of empowerment and show them that even though the world is far from perfect, there are still things they can do to improve it. Some of the issues we focus on in the program are poverty, vulnerable children in orphanages and people in refugee camps, education for the less privileged children and health among other issues.