Project Description

Faithflows organization has touched my life and contributed positively to my spiritual and physical well being and that of my family’s. I was depressed, frustrated, discouraged, lost my business and my job to pandemic, weighed down, but God restored my hope through faithflows Christian Organization – they gave me hope through the encouragement I received from the community site, I got a Job when I did not expect one, I can pay my bills, and support the family, I have started a small scale poultry farming at my locality courtesy of faithflows Christian Organization.

My Name is Saviour, I’m from Nigeria. I joined faithflows, through social media. in July 2020 as at the time the organization was doing a cash giveaway to support members during the pandemic.

Before I registered on faithflows, there was a retrenchment in the company I worked with as a result of the impact of the pandemic. I was employed as a contract staff – and we were all laid off in January 2020 as the company could no longer pay us our monthly Salaries due to low patronage and restrictive covid 19 guidelines imposed by the state government.

With responsibilities at home and bills payment; I ventured into a private business with the little savings I got, in January; In July 2020, my business assets were looted by robbers. I got frustrated – everything I laboured for vanished. I had some skills I would have harnessed to startup again – but couldn not due to pandemic – the lockdown, restrictions in movement, there was nothing left for me to do. I was weighed down, discouraged, frustrated, strength was failing me, I concluded 2020 was a wasted year. I needed some encouragement, I needed hope, I needed someone to assure me of a promising future, I needed people who will understand my situation and let me know all is well – at exactly that time, God brought faithflows Christian Organization my way to end my worries.

I could not believe all that I needed at that time was right before me, got lots of encouraging posts, comments, inspiration and motivations, spirit-lifting quotes from members of the faithflows community. My joy was restored at some point even when I had nothing yet and was not sure of survival in the remaining month of the year, I started encouraging others too, using my situation to give them hope we didn’t see yet or know how it was going to come through. I didn’t know God was working through me. I also didn’t know my activities on faithflows community were been rated. Faithflows became a home for me, every minute, every hour, I go through reading encouraging posts from christians from other regions just to remain strong and hopeful.

I got a total cash award of $70 from daily giveaway and reward on community activities – this was not just a gift but a life- saving token received from faithflows. I was able to meet some pressing needs and paid a few bills with it, in July and early August when I expected less – I could smile again at the period, shame was taken away.

The bigger picture sprouted out when I got an offer from faithflows organization to be engaged on monthly pay – God does not forsake his own no matter what, even when we do not worth it. At the time I expected nothing, at the time I concluded the year as a wasted, at the time I almost let, at the time I felt God was partial, at the time I had No hope of any Job offer – God showed up and presented an offer to me on a platter of gold. Hope has been restored, doubt has been cleared, God appears when all human efforts fail. Faithflows has been a life changing opportunity to me, with my monthly earnings from the organization, i have started a small poultry farm at my locality, courtesy of faithflows Organization, I can carter for my needs and support my family, life has never been the same ever since God led me to faithflows Christian organization, it’s been God alone all the way… Faithflows is Changing Lives!