Overcoming Social Media Fatigue – A Christian Guide

Last week, as my team and I worked on our social media content, I felt disengaged. I realized I was experiencing social media fatigue and needed to disconnect. Generally speaking, I’m not a big social media user– I’m a big believer in offline connections with very close friends, which is why faithflows.org is geared towards creating and sustaining friendships offline and we favor Christian groups that do things in the real world.

For church services, my family’s preference is YouTube live on our Smart TV and we use video conference calls (e.g. zoom) for small church group meetings. Having said that, my Internet use has increased substantially in the past few weeks due to the lockdown and I needed some time away. While I thought about that, I wandered how pastors and the church congregation were feeling? A survey would be nice right about now– but can wait till after the lockdown.

If you are experiencing social media fatigue, it’s okay to take a break.

Here are some tips that will enhance your day off social media & the internet.

Start Your Day Praise Exercising

Praise won many victories in the bible including bringing down the walls of Jericho. It’s a great way to beat the overwhelming anxiety that comes with social media fatigue. Upbeat praise music will get you moving, releasing much needed endorphins and put you in the right mood for a great day. So, get your favorite praise playlist out and start your day praising and dancing for the Lord, like King David did many times.

Spend Time in Prayer

Oftentimes the rush to check out activity on social media means limited time with God. In addition to the usual friend and sharing activity, church members are now overwhelmed with the constant messages from pastors about the next big meet. For pastors, the lockdown means more preparation to get everything ready for the next social media event and figuring out ways to enhance the delivery to remind members to donate. Some become so much engrossed in social media that spending quality time with God is out of the picture. Start your day right, reconnecting with God in prayers.

Read the World’s Bestselling Book, the Bible

Before you relax with books from your new year reading list, spend time in the Holy bible. Don’t do this as a chore for your next cell meeting with a list of points to get through. If your social media fatigue affects your mental wellbeing, the bible can restore your hope, your zeal for the work of God and offer you a ton of inspiration to draw from.  Purposefully look for key verses that can pick you up and push you forward.

Hang out with Family & Roommates

Do not underestimate the value of spending good quality time with the family. Social media has a subtle way of breaking family bonds. Disconnecting gives you the opportunity to have real physical conversations with the family and friends. Cook, share your dreams and aspirations, finish the homeschooling assignment, and top it up with movie time and share childhood memories to strengthen ties. 

Safely Lend a Helping Hand

When was the last time you had a real conversation with your neighbor? Call to check up on them- Find out about their general wellbeing, their work, children and any new developments. Create an avenue for them to share and offer encouragement and support if the need be. Offer to pick up grocery for your elderly neighbor or find out how you can help a healthcare worker you know. As a Christian, you already know this, there is much joy in giving than in receiving.

Work on a Neglected Hobby

Last but not the least, don’t let social media become the new excuse for you missing out on your hobbies. When you disconnect, think about all the activities you loved to do but have neglected due to the pre-lockdown pace and take them up slowly. It could be beads making, wood carving, baking, writing, sports anything but the goal here is, it has to be an activity that interests you something undertaken for pleasure or relaxation.

To conclude, if you are experiencing social media fatigue, you are not alone. Taking time off is essential to your wellbeing. Although, it means No faithflows.org for a while, that’s okay, we’ll see you when you get back.

Have a blessed day offline.


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