Present Day Good Samaritans

Earlier this week, my 85 years old grandpa had to be in town as a matter of urgency. After his transaction, it was hard to get a car back home due to the lockdown.

He approached two female soldiers at Dansoman (A suburb of Accra Ghana) for assistance so they asked him to wait after getting his destination. A while later an Uber pulled up, they paid the driver and wished him safe on his journey.

He noticed the one close to him didn’t have a badge on so he asked for a number and a name to at least say thank you once more, they refused.

He is indeed overwhelmed by their gesture and felt indebted to them and I’m also genuinely touched by this.

They may not see this post but all I want to say is thank you to ‘ the generous two’ soldier women and all frontline workers who in their line of duties, are going the extra mile to make life better for the ‘vulnerable’ in these hard times.

These are present day good
Samaritans and I’ll be forever grateful to them!



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  1. It’s a testimony but I met a good sameritan on Facebook a 62 years old man from the USA Andrew whinngham he told me about Jesus he try to convince send me money to buy Bible I got king James version that may was a good sameritan to me even though he’s late now he died at the end of last month June 22 he was helping me spiritually and financially

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