What’s Your Ark To Build?

“Miracles happen when we get out of our comfort zone”

Is your life stagnant? Are you waiting for a miracle or a breakthrough and unsure how it’s going to occur? Sometimes that breakthrough is just a stretch away, outside your comfort zone.

In Scripture, God assigned Noah to build an Ark because there was going to be flood water that was going to destroy the earth, in the process Noah was faced with a lot of resistance from a lot of people and that was a very uncomfortable situation for him. However, upon building the ark in the end he saved his family and two of each kind of living creatures. In today’s context there are “ Arks ” that we are supposed to build and miracles that are supposed to happen out of our comfort zone when we build the “Arks”.

Noah Pleased God by respecting God’s warning and building the ark. Although he became a laughingstock, he did it anyway ( Genesis 6: 13-21 ). Nobody likes being made fun of, and we avoid it at all cost. But, like God did for Noah, he might have something He wants us to do that’s out of our comfort zone. Whatever it maybe we are supposed to take it as building an “ Ark ”.

God is asking us to be “ obedient ” and to us that might be uncomfortable , awkward or embarrassing ? You might be expected to reach out and befriend someone whom your neighbors or friends make fun of? Or To lead a Bible study that you feel incompetent to lead? Or To speak up about something that is happening in your community or church that doesn’t honor God? We ask ourselves these questions every day or when uncomfortable situations like these arise. These uncomfortable situations are like “ Arks ” that God wants us to build.

Abraham was called by God to set out for the place in which he was to receive his inheritance without knowing where he was going! Can you follow God and remain comfortable when you don’t know what is next?  Given the same situation like Abraham here, in these times we are living in, “ Would we follow his command, would we build an Ark ?”  We are the light of the Earth and that light pierces the darkness right in front of us, but it only shines so far. We must take only one step at a time with Christ and wait for Him to illuminate the next step. It’s like jumping off the high dive, then checking on the way down to make sure there’s water in the pool. With Christ, however, we are assured that there’s always water in the pool. In all this the “ Ark ” you are supposed to build is faith and obedience, all becomes clear when we act with obedience and faith and ask the Lord for illumination and wait for God’s answer.

Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen

Hebrews 11:1

The woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment to be healed, in “ Luke 8:40-49 “, picturing it you see the woman’s face, strained, her body leaning on her side, reaching but she is stretched as far as she can possibly be stretched and she was uncomfortable. She was building an ark, as she got her healing in the end. And that right there is the key. God is eager to bless us with amazing things, but he also wants us to be out of our comfort zone. He wants us to build an “ Ark ” and because of this, we are going to have to do some things that are really uncomfortable, that stretches us further than we thought possible. We plan and map out a lot of things we want in life, and sometimes we pull back when we get to the hard part, however if we put God in all our plans , even when we get uncomfortable he will remind us that we are supposed to complete building our ark.

W hen asked to build an Ark you will have a feeling of discomfort, you will tell yourself certain things in order to avoid “building an ark “as expected of you by God.  You will reason that there are obstacles that bar you from doing those ‘heart-racing’ things, or that others who do those things don’t feel the same level of discomfort.  As we fill our lives and minds with platitudes that deceive and lull us into comfort, we, in turn, limit our growth, creativity, and even our memories. So often we have desires and thoughts we’d like to take action on, but a thought of fear , anxiety creeps into our mind and uncertainty sets in.  At that point we start to listen to those doubts and fears and negativity flourishes then we struggle to take action. But when all is said and done we need to have faith and build the Ark God wants us to build in our lives. 

What is your ARK to build? Arks today maybe building up lost faith, praying for one another, inviting and calling others back to Christ, Mending broken relationships, building dreams that seem impossible, doing all the things that God Expects us to do that might be out of our comfort zone. The list is endless depending on each and every individual.  However when all is said and done. Let’s all remember we have an Ark to build and even when we are out of our comfort zone we must not give up.

Scriptures for Meditation

2 Timothy1:7;        Philippians 1:6;       James 1:5;         Jeremiah 29:11;     


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