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Faithflows Helping Children with Special Needs Thrive in Western Uganda

Faithflows Care Drive in Uganda Brings Joy to Children with Special Needs at Kitazigurukwa School

Rukungiri District, UGANDA – On February 12, 2023, the Faithflows Youth team in Uganda visited the Kitazigurukwa School in the Rukungiri District in Western Uganda to spread love and bring attention to the challenges faced by children with special needs. The team, made up of young volunteers, provided food, drinks, educational supplies, and other necessities. They also played games, educated able-bodied students on false stereotypes, inclusion, empathy, and acceptance, and addressed some of the challenges faced by the students, such as loneliness.

The Kitazigurukwa School is a place where children with special needs can receive a quality education and feel a sense of belonging. The Faithflows Youth Care Drive initiative was designed to show support for their efforts and promote the message of inclusion and love to all the children they met.

“Empowering the youth of today for a brighter future requires a comprehensive approach that includes all segments of society, including children with special needs. Raising awareness about the unique challenges they face is critical for building a more inclusive and understanding world,” said a Faithflows representative.

The school directors expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Faithflows Uganda team for the wonderful day they spent with the children. “The children had a wonderful time, and the volunteers brought so much joy to them. We appreciate their support and can’t wait to have them back,” said a school representative.

The Uganda Care Drive is part of the Faithflows Hands-on Youth Training Program and Orphan Care Program in their fight to end poverty.

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