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Faithflows Impact – Amara’s Story

Faithflows impact to my life and others around me is something I am grateful for. Faithflows has provided encouragement, love, care and still providing a moral and ethical compass for me and the vast majority of people I come in contact with daily. My life is a testimony to many because I am filled with joy and always smiling irrespective of the circumstances. It is all because of the overflowing love and support from Faithflows and it’s community members.

One of such evidence of love is a cash token received on July 23 ,2020, which helped me provide for my family during a pandemic at a time of scarcity.

Thank you all!

Evidence here in Sierra Leone is showing beyond individual positive blessings because faith is increasingly moving into the public sphere especially undeserved communities and is affect various aspects of economic and social life. For instance, Faithflows Care Drive was very impactful to me and others in my community. Many people were wondering away from faith but this year 2020, more and more people of every age bracket of faith became interested and demonstrated interest as members in Faithflows an organization aimed at tackling a varied set of global challenges in bringing about social change.

I am grateful for this transformation and inspirational touch. The ways in which faith and love have positively impacted our respective homes and society. It is now easy to build a society of love, care and support as casting of light now holds in our communities and families. Faithflows is a blessing to me and other. Faithflows and I are inseparable because I lack or miss no love. Faithflows is every second of sharing love.

Name: Amara Alpha Vandi
Country: Sierra Leone
Faithflows handle: @alphavee

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