Faithflows Mission, Nigeria

Nigeria Success stories good for our communities

Faithflows is giving young people opportunities to serve their communities
Residents in Nigeria have hailed Faithflows Inc. for launching an exclusive empowerment program that is  designed to benefit the local communities. The suffering that many people have had to endure as a result of covid-19 pandemic manifests itself in physical and mental wellbeing. “The situation was dire and through the support of Faithflows in Nigeria, I started a profitable poultry farming with only 200 chickens. The capacity has increased to 600 chickens and as a way of giving back to the community, I have employed a staff and dug a well for my community ,” Mr. Saviour Uchi.  Faithflows is seeking to improve the productivity, profitability and sustainability of small and medium businesses with a key focus to enhance self-employment.
Beside the interactive social platform that gives young people an opportunity to express themselves, Faithflows has embarked on periodic community care drives that seek to help the impoverished persons in the affected areas. Young people are advised to reduce the level of poverty by venturing into agri-business and poultry farming to transform their lives. “Equipping young people to break out of poverty as well as improving their economic resilience by impacting their communities is  Faithflows mission.”Irene Nyarko,Faithflows Dir. Ms.Nnake Ofem, a Faithflows volunteer in Nigeria is working passionately on her entrepreneurial venture to empower young people in her backyard.She has successfully mobilized a team and managed to visit several children orphanages in Nigeria among them Ruwa Orphanage, where they donated food supplies, and basic health essentials.

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