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Faithflows Impact – Sarah’s Story

Faithflows has made great impact in my life, spiritual and otherwise. Ever since I joined in September 2020 it has been beautiful in every aspect. Growing up as a kid I had always looked forward in achieving my dreams through selfless service and Faithflows made that dream come through by allowing members participate in humanitarian

Faithflows Impact – Bob Saffa

Since I joined Faithflows, I have developed a greater spirit of love, care and sharing with people outside my denomination, including Christians, Muslims and every one I come in contact with. Name: Bob Saffa Faithflows: @saffato1

Faithflows Impact-Anthony’s Story

I was asked by a friend to drive them to the motherless home, being their driver I didn’t partake in any activities but I saw the love and care they showed to the underprivileged children and everyone around, I was motivated to be part of the forum and I so much appreciate everyone for the

Faithflows Impact – Yvonne Salano

Back in July of 2020, I was going through so much darkness in my life, I came across Faithflows media on Facebook and decided to give it a try, I mean, I really needed prayers at that time. I reached out eventually after signing up and to my surprise I got so much help emotionally,

5 Ways Faithflows Impacted My Life

5 Ways Faithflows Impacted My Life 1. Through the first Cash Giveaway: During that period, I didn’t really know what the site or organization was all about but I had joined earlier because I wanted to connect with other believers around the world. To the glory of God I was among the winners and was

Thank you from Sierra Leone

Faithflows impact to my life and others around me is something I am grateful for. Faithflows has provided encouragement, love, care and still providing a moral and ethical compass for me and the vast majority of people I come in contact with daily. My life is a testimony to many because I am filled with


Faithflows can simply be described as a God sent organization! Since one of the most outstanding attributes of God is Love I joined Faithflows during the hit of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, where people especially in Africa ( especially in Nigeria where I live) where panicking and in dire need of their

Community Empowerment

Less than a year ago, I got introduced to Faithflows community by a friend; my life and that of my community have been greatly impacted. Thanks to faithflows, I was able to contribute my own quota of house rent with ease during the Covid-19 pandemic, as a result of the giveaway which took place in


Faithflows organization has touched my life and contributed positively to my spiritual and physical well being and that of my family’s. I was depressed, frustrated, discouraged, lost my business and my job to pandemic, weighed down, but God restored my hope through faithflows Christian Organization – they gave me hope through the encouragement I received

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