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Results That Matter

The Faithflows community has made a tremendous impact since its inception in 2020. Young people and other vulnerable population that have benefited from Faithflows programs have expressed and submitted stories of the positive impact the work has made in their lives.

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Activity Overview

  • 178 Course Enrollment (74% Completed)

  • 11 Care Drives Executed
  • 200 Care Drive Volunteers
  • 1800 Community Members – 24 welfare Awards

Humanitarian Missions

  • Over 350 Orphaned Children in 5 orphanages

  • 3 Hospitals
  • IDP Camp (Homeless) Over 1000 Displaced

  • Elder Care Facility Responsible for over 100 senior citizens.

Featured Stories

Youth Welfare

Faithflows has impacted my life socially, spiritually, and financially for the better. I have been blessed with edifying messages, blog


Faithflows can simply be described as a God sent organization! Since one of the most outstanding attributes of God is